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Our Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service

ShareStory loves transparency and wants to highlight, simplify and make our terms of service more accessible. Here are some key points of our terms of service:

· ShareStory is excited for new opportunities and will send you a proposal outlining the project, media and costs.

· These proposals last for 14 days so please contact us if you require a refreshed proposal.

· When starting a project, ShareStory may ask for a non-refundable deposit before we get started on the project.

· ShareStory encourage collaboration to bring the best product to you! If additional work is desired, we ask that you accept the new proposal (project variation) that we will send to you before commencing the new portion of work.

· ShareStory understands that we could be exposed to business sensitive information and provide non-disclosure agreements to all clients.

· After we’ve delivered the final project content, this content will be stored for 3 months after delivery on ShareStory’s servers, with extended storage options up to 12 months.

These points summarise a large portion of our terms of service, however, we always encourage that you read the document in full and understand the full terms of service. The full document can be found here. Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any question and we’ll happily have chat.